Original Contemporary British Art

Pricing guide / advice

How much should I sell my art for?

You are free to decide on your own price for your art, we are not a gallery and we have no intention of telling you what to sell your work for, that's up to you. We do ask you to include the postage and packing cost to send it to the UK in your price though, this is so that there are no hidden costs for buyers. Also, please be aware that we charge 12.5% (+ VAT) commission for each sale to cover card processing and admin costs so you might want to increase your asking price to allow for that too.

If you are unsure what to charge for your work a simple way to get an idea of it is to decide what your time is worth per hour, look at the time spent on the piece. Add to that the material costs and that will give you a rough idea of a reasonable price for your work.

If you'd like to see some examples with actual prices click here and we'll send you some back by email.

It's completely up to you what you charge for your work. And you can always change your price at a later date if you feel it may be too cheap or too expensive, the main thing is to get it online, you can't sell it if it's not there for people to see.