Original Contemporary British Art

Photography advice

Taking good pictures of your work is vital. Your photographs are the only thing buyers will see to be able to decide if they want to buy your work on not. Giving them good quality images to look at really helps. Taking more than one image of the same work of art is recommended, maybe a close up detailed shot and maybe one with an offset viewpoint.

If you have access to lights and a good SLR camera then your images will usually be better but it's not essential. The quality of the images you can take on a modern mobile phone is now very good. If your phone has a camera that is 7 megapixels or higher the quality will be fine for website use but try and follow the guide below as much as possible to help get the best results.

How to take a good photograph

If you have access to a tripod then use that, if not a box or stable surface will suffice.

Turn the flash off. If the flash goes off you will get a bright reflection on the image.

Find a background that is as plain as possible because this makes the image stand out better and is easier to digitally edit afterwards if needed.

Position your piece against a wall so that it is standing nearly upright.

Position the camera in front so that the painting almost fills the photograph. Keeping the camera exactly in front and at the same angle as the painting will reduce distortion in the photograph.

Try and position the image as parallel as possible to the edges of the photo on all sides as this will make any editing easier.

If you have access to photo-editing software you can use that to edit your images, sharpen them and adjust colours so they match your original if needed.


What to do with the images once they are taken?

Upload the best quality image you have for each shot you want to include and our software will automatically re-size them to the correct size for each display option. It uses your original file for the largest view. Please make sure all your images are under 5mb though because larger images risk the software rejecting them. You can upload JPEG, TIFF or PNG files.