Original Contemporary British Art

How to use the site

Buying, selling or showing art is really simple

Buying Original Art: Choose the art you love by using the filters on the left of the ART page or just type into the search box. Once you've found some great art buying it is easy too, and because we are not a gallery and you are buying from the artists you know you are getting great value. 

Selling your art: You can register for our FREE TRIAL where you get your own profile page with profile picture, some text about you and 3 works of art included. You also get a unique URL that takes visitors straight to your profile page and because this page has links to all your art visitors have access to your work straight away without the distraction if other artists. You can add multiple images for each piece of art you upload and you decide what price to sell it for. If you don't want to sell your art just click the button under the price box. The trial is free and when you register you can start using it immediately. Click here to get started, it only takes a couple of minutes.

Get started in just three simple steps

Register with the site by clicking the register link in the top right menu

2) Claim your FREE TRIAL
Click the START SELLING orange button, fill in your address and telephone, then you'll be able to add up to 3 pieces of art and setup your profile page.

For more information on doing this see below:

Add your text about you. 
Upload a profile picture. Your profile picture will be sized automatically but for best results use a wide landscape shaped image. If you want to size it exactly it's 262 pixels wide by 135 pixels high, but this is not essential as the site will do it for you. 

To preview how your page will look click the 'view' tab. This will open a new browser tab and show you what your page will look like when it is published.

You'll need to click PUBLISH for your profile to be seen on the site.

When adding art you should enter the title, price, dimentions, medium, keywords and item description. Once done you'll need to click 'SAVE DETAILS' before moving on to add images and other categories. We suggest using the 'Keywords' for search phrases that you don't want to appear in the description but which you would like associated with the art you are uploading. These will be found when someone does a site search but won't be visible to the general public. for more information on keywords and categories see the 'Keyword / category advice' page.

When adding your price please include the postage and packing cost to send it within the UK and be aware that we charge 12.5% (+ VAT) commission for each sale so you might want to increase your asking price to allow for that too. If your art is just to be shown online and is not for sale please click the 'not for sale' checkbox.

Click 'choose file' and select the image you want to use, 
It will be sized automatically for everywhere it appears on the site so you only need to add one image. The better quality the image is the better it will appear. For advice on taking effective images please refer to our photography advice page.

Enter the size, shape, materials and main details will help buyers to find your art.


Heads Up! Artists, you need to register first, then claim your FREE TIRAL to start uploading your art. Click here to get started - it's really easy!