Original Contemporary British Art

How to package art for shipping

It's easier than you think!

Unframed works on paper or unstretched canvases are easiest to ship because often they will roll up and fit in a tube. Please take care when rolling art to ensure it doesn't crease or crack in the process. To avoid any chance of cracking or creasing put your art in an envelope with a sheet of hardboard or thick card to keep it rigid.

Framed works, stretched canvases, sculptures or items that can't be rolled require a little more care but can be shipped safely and easily.

Using a couple of sheets of 3mm plywood either side of the piece before wrapping or putting into a cardboard box (see below for where to buy boxes) will add rigidity and protect it from knocks and scrapes during transit. It is cheap and most hardware shops sell it and often they will offer to cut it to size for you too.

We advise the use of bubble wrap or paper to fill any spaces in the packaging or to wrap around your art.

Using packing tape with 'FRAGILE' printed on it or writing 'WITH CARE' clearly on on the package somewhere also helps.

When packaging your art for shipping always take care to protect it as much as possible and use the advice above as guidelines because every piece of art is different and you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that it is packaged as securely and safely as possible.

Always make sure you have adequate insurance coverage with your chosen delivery company to cover in the unlikely event of breakages or damage.

Some additional information can be found here:

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Packaging suppliers:

pack-a-frame is a UK company specialising in packaging for framed artwork   http://www.packaframe.co.uk/

Defendapack is a UK company specialising in packaging for delicate items including art   http://www.defendapack.co.uk/picture_wraps.htm

DavPack manufacture cardboard boxes if all sizes and types   https://www.davpack.co.uk/cardboard-boxes-cartons/