Original Contemporary British Art

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Mark Lyne
Laurene Wells

Laurene Wells

Laurene is an artist, game developer, writer, homeschooling mom, and an animal lover. She lives with her husband and three of their children in Idaho, along with a variety of chickens, ducks, geese, 5 cats, a dog, a leopard gecko, 2 alpacas and 5 angora goats on their property. She has been drawing since she was very young. She primarily draws animals in pencil, but has also taught herself how to create 3d art and animation for the games that she makes. She enjoys playing games with her family, photography, Bible studies, and making new friends. She dreams of being able to travel someday, and hopes to see the world.

The main thing that drives her to create art is the hope of making people happy. She has given away many pieces of art to friends and family as gifts. She has created drawings of pets for people who have lost their beloved companion. Even her works that are created specifically for sale have always been with the hope that they would bring a smile to someone's face, even as animals bring a smile to her own face. Animals have an unconditional love that humans can not match and she hopes that through her artwork the world will be a little bit better, sharing that unconditional love that only comes from the Father of Light. Blessings to you all.