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Andy Finlay

Andy Finlay

Andy is a british artist combining abstract and figurative imagery in his signature white-on-white oil paintings. He is influenced by minimalism, abstraction, the urban landscape, modernity, achitectural identity, monochrome painting and conceptual art. 

His paintings are created by light falling onto the texture of the paint. By using only texture and white oil paint the image is revealed to the viewer in stages as they move around the piece. As the angle of the light changes it highlights different areas, uncovering hidden imagery. 

"My aim in all my work is to draw viewers in and for the work to slowly reveal itself. It is my way of slowing down time, to remove them to a place where the world drifts slightly away. My work tends to sneak up on you and slows you down as it transforms and I like that. It’s such a contrast to the instant imagery that’s all around us."

Andy lives in Windsor, Berkshire, UK.

His studio is in Windsor: Prime Studios, Lemonade Gallery, Alma Road, Windsor SL4 3HR

Visitors are always very welcome at his studio which is a short walk from Windsor Central train station and the town centre. all 07709 353 740 or email to arrange a time.

More about Andy www.andyfinlay.co.uk

Follow Andy on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AFinlay_artist