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Anand Day

Anand Day

The Art of Reflection by Anand Day

I began this series of photographs during a visit to Sheffield Park gardens in the south of England, renowned for its autumn colours. I became fascinated with the reflections of the autumnal glory in lakes and ponds and the interaction of natural light, which combined with gentle breezes across the water revealed to me an inspirational world of kaleidoscopic beauty.

The variegated and prismatic quality of the reflections deepened my sojourn into this world where each moment, captured by the camera, became a glimpse of reality which existed only for that moment, to pass and become something new. It prompted me make these images not only as a photograph, a moment frozen, but to understand my relationship with nature and become a causation, whereby the intrinsic beauty of the natural world allows a personal journey into the nature of our own perceptions.

As this series developed, I found that my images became not just a visual meditation but also gave me a profound sense that the ripples on the water may be seen as a reflection of my own perceptions; they prompt me to reflect upon my experiences and ask me to enquire into their nature.

My sincere hope is that as you view this work, you find solace, tranquillity, and that your inner enquiry allows your own intimate reflection.